About us

Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as KČN), the largest cluster focusing on furniture and woodworking industry, interior design and leader of cluster initiatives in the Czech Republic, is an open organization into which any Czech furniture maker who identifies with its goals and vision can join. The cluster supports the business of its members. For its activities and the realization of its goals, KČN uses money from private sources of cluster members, the EU structural funds and state budget of the Czech Republic.


KČN vision:

KČN members are VIP Czech furniture companies internationally competitive and successfully established on foreign markets, they actively participate in creating new trends in the furniture industry and housing. The enforcement of KČN members in this area is ensured by intensive use of collective research results and development of new production programs and technologies in which all members of the cluster successfully participate. KČN has excellently equipped technology centers at its disposal continuously updated with the latest technological equipment. Cluster members, through the Cluster Internationalization Strategy, increase their sales and export growth and are involved in an important international furniture industry networks.


KČN global goal:

Support of international competitiveness and economic growth of cluster member companies, through an emphasis on developing research, development and innovation, continuously improving the links between research institutions and the business sector in the furniture industry, and strengthening the internationalization of the cluster.


KČN specific goals:


What will bring the membership?


Membership benefits:

Benefits for business entities

Cluster enables participating businesses to improve competitiveness and achieve higher performance, especially by increasing productivity through better access to specialized suppliers, technology and information, higher innovation potential of cooperating companies, which is caused by the transfer of knowledge within the cluster, generating new ideas and increasing pressure on innovation and cluster expansion.

A cluster member has a simplified way to increase productivity by gaining within the cluster:


Benefits for educational and research institutions

Universities and research institutions create impulse for innovation, and the cluster enables the transfer of new ideas and knowledge to businesses. The close cooperation between universities and cluster members provides a better knowledge of the needs of the industry and offers universities the opportunity to respond to the requirements of entrepreneurs and adapt study programs and plans to make graduates better prepared for practice.

Another benefit is a better focus of R&D activities, including new opportunities for applied research. Joint research projects can represent a new source of funding for research institutions and universities, thus enabling the development and improvement of infrastructure.


KČN working groups:


Achievements and Awards: