Fundraising and project consultancy

The cluster monitors its subsidy opportunities for its members, specializing mainly in subsidies from European Operational Programs. It provides these services both by involving members in its own projects and by consulting, supporting and administering projects or parts of projects held by cluster members.

Cluster members can benefit from the concentration of information, personalities, opportunities and contacts that are an integral part of the cluster.

We offer to our members:



The cluster serves as an information base for its members. Cluster members get information faster, easier, and often free of charge from the control unit and from each other, which they would never receive if they acted in isolation. The exchange of information takes place on both sides, which means that members also provide information to the control units. Sharing and providing information is a core mission of the cluster.

Cluster provides information in the areas of law, economics, activities of industry entities of which KČN is a member, events for the furniture industry, identification of market opportunities and new markets.



Within its projects, the cluster builds a shared infrastructure and thus helps its members to minimize the costs of R & D & I.

KČN improves companies´ access to instrumentation and equipment needed for research and development activities.





During its existence, the KČN has gathered the key know-how which is provided to its member base. These include research reports, methodologies, research and market intelligence. It also offers commercial exploitation of R&D output in the form of licenses.



A cluster is a space that helps in removing communication barriers. The problem is that many companies still suffer from extreme unsociability. Communication openness is important in a cluster, as it is a sign of partnership equivalence and also enriches not only the member but also the members with each other. Open communication creates contacts and access to a greater range of opportunities. The Cluster Strategy is shaped by the mutual communication of common interests, needs and problems and it enables to find ways of their solution.

KČN also provides the possibility of meetings in the form of B2B, matchmaking and networking.


Marketing and promotion

The promotion of the Cluster and its members is an integral part of the cluster´s activities with the aim of developing not only the members themselves, but also the whole industry. Examples of activities include the creation of presentation materials, participation in events, trade fairs and exhibitions and other promotional activities of the cluster and its members. Through our website we provide our members with a basic active PR form.

We organize events such as business missions, open days, excursions, joint exhibitions and events designed to promote networking and partnerships, matchemaking, B2B…


Sharing third party services



Cooperation is one of the basic functions of the cluster and its managing organization has appropriate information, methodological and analytical tools for this activity. The cluster creates interest groups and can initiate collaborative projects to achieve synergistic and cost-effective effects. Within a cluster, cooperation must be combined with maintaining competition and rivalry.


Research, Development and Innovation

The cluster connects its members with the academic and scientific research sphere and initiates scientific research and innovation activities. It is involved or is itself the bearer of research, experimental development and innovation projects with support from public funds. It also helps to commercialize the results of science and research, transfer technology and its application to the industrial sphere.

As part of the R&D projects of other entities, the cluster provides consulting services within its field of specialization



The cluster organizes seminars, workshops, professional conferences and roundtables, B2B meetings in the field of furniture, with the aim of supporting, developing and sharing experience in the field and educational activities. Furthermore, the cluster organizes staff training for its members in accordance with the needs of member companies, primarily in the areas of IT, economic and legal, language and managerial skills.